Pay-Per-Result Conversion Optimisation

  • No money upfront. Pay only once I have increased your conversion rate.
  • For Web sites Optimisation.
  • Assess your Google Analytics data and highlight any conversion issues found.
  • Tests are valid and winning once they reach at least 95% statistical validity.
  • € 350 for each 2% conversion lift

Look at the big pics
I look at your entire marketing funnel – your whole platform, online and off-line – before and after people land on a website. They are part of your process, and they all feed into your bottom line.

Access to Google Optimize
With my background as web designer/webmaster, I can tweak subtle or big changes on Google Optimize with html/CSS, text. Changes be saved as draft in Google Optimize for you to review before going live.

A/B Testing period
Let the test runs it course and review the outcome after 2 weeks.


  • At least 1500 sessions per month of web traffic so test can be done within a 2-weeks period to reach a reasonable conclusions.
  • Temporary admin access to Google Optimize, Google Analytics during the 2-weeks period


What is A/B testing?
A/B testing is a way to test changes to your page against the current design and determine which ones produce positive results on your web pages.

What is conversion?
A desired action when a user completes an action on your site that you consider to be valuable. This can include a purchase, a file download, or a request for additional information.

Why should I consider A/B testing?
– Because it forces you to challenge the premises underlying your work
– Lowers the cost of failure
– Helps uncover new ideas through focusing on questions
– Enables you to treat your customer as an equal stakeholder

What if there is no winning results?
According to industry study, 7 out of 10 tests are winning. There will be times when results are inconclusive and there is no winner. In this case, A (the original version) is the winner. Status quo maintain.

How many tests should I run?
Conversion Optimisation is not a 1-time project. Econsultancy found that 83% of companies have at least 3 tests/month to see improvements conversion rates. If you’re running fewer tests than that, you’re leaving money on the table.


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